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In the renewed rooms of the Ospedaletto, Reagents gathers together the works by eight artistsArthur Duff, Serena Fineschi, Silvia Infranco, Túlio Pinto, Fabrizio Prevedello, Quayola, Verónica Vázquez and Marco Maria Zanin – whose research is characterized by a great sensibility and reactivity for the spatial contexts and for the dynamics of action-reaction triggered by the environmental variables. The show, curated by Daniele Capra with Ludovica Matarozzo, highlights how in the practice of these artistis the work can be seen as a device generated by a process of opposition to stimuli, to physical and mental pressures, which is acted by the context. The about fifteen artworks on view, both two-dimensional and sculptural, range from a procedural nature to the more evident conceptual matrix.

The title of the exhibition refers to the renowned Isaac Newton’s third law of dynamics formulated in the Philosophiae Naturalis Principia Mathematica: during the interaction between two bodies, the force that the first body exercises on the second one is equal and opposite to the force that the second body exercises on the first one. In the same way Reagents analyses how the work can be the testimony and the final visual result of a process responding to the strengths that it directly suffers. In this way, it is possible to understand the work as a factual concretization of an equilibrium which results from a continuous and constant mechanism of pushing, pulling, compressing or expanding forces.

The exhibition, hosted in the context of Ospedaletto Con/temporaneo art project, has been realized with the fundamental support of Marignana Arte.